BSC Station will be the Alternative High Performance & Cost-Effective NFT Auctions for Creatives

Creating NFTs has empowered to creatives with lucrative markets for their art but currently NFT Auction platforms in the ethereum blockchain have extremely high fees.

NFT art Marketplaces such as Rarible, Superrare, foundation and Opensea are great platforms but cost-prohibitive for creatives. Minting and Listing an art piece can cost $160 USD to $250 USD preventing many creatives from entering the market and it is a disincentive to digital creativity.

High costs for creatives are major-barrier and a form of economic exclusion which prevents accessibility and social mobility in the digital art space.

BSC Station is built on the Binance Smart Chain which has significantly lower minting and transfer fees which will create universal access for creatives to the lucrative NFT Auction world which is exploding in 2021.
Creatives will be able to mint tokens and create auctions at blazing fast speeds ; economically.

BSC Station will become the high-performance NFT Auction that will supersede ethereum based NFTs and attract digital creatives.

BSC Station Official @bscstation #BSCStation

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